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time-lapse of the sellwood bridge moving

January 23, 2013

i have been avoiding this bridge for a while since they have been saying it has been on the verge of crumbling for quite some time. they wouldn’t let anything over 10k lbs cross it for example.

well they are finally taking care of it and they recently moved the bitch. i would not want to be the contractor in charge of this shit.

Unfortunately my girlfriend has to cross that thing every day for work (the first morning it was closed to move it she had to go all the way down to the 205 bridge in Oregon City because traffic over the Ross Island was such a nightmare). Hopefully those new temporary supports they moved it onto are sturdier than the old concrete things it’s been sitting on for the last 85 years.

As far as the video/moving the damn thing, I think it’s pretty awesome. To think that piece of metal was occupying the same space in the universe for nearly a century, and then they just simply moved it (well, I’m sure it wasn’t simple) over a few feet. Pretty freaking cool.

Adam // January 25th, 2013 // 3:41 pm

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