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the dawn of a new era

November 14, 2008


i am so excited i could just shit myself.

Media Temple

i recently bought more server space. i opened my first personal account with media temple. i had to do some major domain shifting with db clay going away so i decided to get a substantial server.

um… ok, but why does this matter? – well i am glad you asked! i now can finally drive some substantial traffica to my site. i have been hosting with bluehost for the last 4 years. and i have about 30 domains on one package – which means that if any one of those 30 domains gets hit with some traffic then the entire account shuts down until the traffic goes away. so i had to tread lightly. i am keeping my bluehost account since i love them. but i moved mrdiggles over to my media temple box so i can take a hit.


wow that’s really cool! by why should i care? – omfg! i am so super glad you asked! now that i can spread my bandwidth on toast i am going to start releasing free shit!

what kinda free shit are we talking? – another fantastic question! wordpress templates, slick image gallery templates, basic website layouts, tutorials, javascript and ajax ideas with source files and oh so much more! and for those that could care less about that stuff, i am also going to be rolling out free music and putting up a mrdiggles image gallery. holy fuck!!!!!!!1

so yeah… pretty pumped.

in other news – the world is going to end. nasa released some pics of the new planets yesterday – if this doesn’t look like the eye of sauron to you then my middle name is tina turner. check it out here.

nasa eye

lotr? zomg!

Eye of Sauron

illuminati parhaps?

Eye of illuminati

i’m in too deep.

have a fantastic friday internet(s).

And the nerdiest post goes to…


I love the end of the world stuff. I’d like to know, what’s your opinion on the Large Hadron Collider? Our imminent doom? Or a waste of a few billion buck? Those are your only choices.

Adam // November 14th, 2008 // 2:51 pm

um, wow… if i had to pick those two choices i would say a waste of a few billion bucks. but if “distraction” was an
option i would pick that.

yes. nerdy is right! i win i win!

mr.diggles // November 14th, 2008 // 3:30 pm

+5 merit points for a picture of the highly reclusive phallus-climbing spider!

this brings your total to -1.

"the" neal // November 14th, 2008 // 4:09 pm

hahahhaa “-1”

i like to keep track with man-cards, ala Dr.Cox from Scrubs

jecka // November 15th, 2008 // 7:28 pm

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