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speculative chemtrail evidence

April 30, 2014

this video is making the rounds in the weirdo community, which i fully embrace. i for one am a full believer in the possibility of chemtrails. some days i wonder how people can be so naive as to think that a sky packed full of streaks is normal. especially considering it didn’t used to happen until the early 90’s.

here is a description of the video above:

Despite the fact that the plane is landing in foggy weather, the emission of chemtrails is unmistakable; their existence cannot be denied or explained-away by weather. First, the trails are NOT coming from the back of the jet engines. Second, the trails are not merely water trailing off the edges of the wings because as the plane passes, in addition to the wing trail emissions, there are clearly SPRAYS coming out of several sections at the rear of the wings in clear addition to any water that may be washing off the wing during landing.

the man has admitted to geo engineering many times in the past. it has even been covered on the foking history channel. so what strikes me as odd is that even with all the confirmation that the skies are being sprayed, people still think the concept is ludicrous.

maybe if they hear it from prince they might reconsider?

think in possibility!

wow…super cool blog…why am I even surprised??!!
I am going to watch/read/ponder ALL of this!
you are awesome MrDiggles!

Mary Davis-Muck // May 8th, 2014 // 12:18 pm

Many people now have a ‘don’t go there’ mindset which stops them at the 1st step.
There are a few that will discuss ‘things’ over a cuppa then go home & turn on the brainwash box. The (let’s face it) few of us that are bolt upright with eyes wide and gobsmack on our faces (and still have to run a life like everyone else) are waiting for big paradigm crash to shock the sheeple out of their workaday ‘comfort zones’.
THEN (oh no!) they’ll see it’s do or die time. Talk about learning curves.

Peter Cormack // June 22nd, 2014 // 3:03 am

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