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dear blog. i miss you.

April 11, 2014

I miss you blog

i have been blogging long enough to know that if i ever stop for a significant period of time it usually means one thing: i’m stressed. you would think it would be because i am busy but that actually has never been the case. i love blogging. i love writing shit here despite knowing if anyone reads it and even if i have a ton going on in my life. i always make writing things here a priority and i will always do it – despite if i have moments of silence.

my relationship with stress is interesting since i usually am unaware that i am in fact stressed until the signs start stacking up around me. not blogging is a big sign. and man! so much crazy shit has been happening and i am failing on sharing! i am at a point in my life that i know that living in stress is an unacceptable way to live.

i dedicated this year to be the year of “peace & reconciliation” and to be honest, i’m over 3 months in and i am far from finding my groove in this dedication. though i am seeing the signs that the universe is challenging me so i have the opportunity to exercise and be triumphant in my dedication. i guess if you wanted to be better at balance then you are going to need something to challenge you and push you over right?

the good news is that the stress i am going through is mostly positive. most of it i would call anxiety or really just being anxious. there is so much excitement taking place in my personal life that it is hard to just be. i will explain more about what is happening when the timing in appropriate but that has been part of the struggle: timing. my mom always used to say don’t rip life open like a birthday present, let it unfold no matter how uncomfortable the pace… – miss you mom!

well for those that do not keep in touch with me but read this site out of curiosity as to how i am doing – i am doing really well. my life with jenny and vera and dottie is abundant, healthy and extremely progressive. i am going to push through this season of anxiety and get back on the blog. i am sure everyone is wondering how i could have possibly not posted anything on the missing malaysian flight. this is just one of many things i have let slip. there’s so much weird i am missing!

for now, here is a recent picture of vera. more to come.


Vera looks tough, just remember that each day is new and there is a lot of time to make things less stressful. I always look at the big picture and realize I am not as stressed as I keep telling myself. We need a gender connect

Ian // April 15th, 2014 // 4:54 pm

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