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March 25, 2013

those that are hardcore about conspiracy know that the man is always spreading disinformation in order to discredit what is actually going on. the way this is done is usually by weaving truth within entertainment so that if someone was to say something like did you know that your subconscious is susceptible to the colors, shapes and messages of corporate branding? they would be shot down.

usually this is done by simply saying you mean like that stupid movie?!?

it’s brilliant really. hide the truth in plain sight.

well i haven’t seen this film. in fact this trailer is the first i have heard of it. but i can surmise from just watching a couple of minutes of the preview that it is fairly spot on. we have been under mind control for a long while and the globalists plans to alter our DNA has been in effect for the better part of the last century.

i plan on watching this movie since i am curious how they end up spinning it.

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