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bill gates says u.s. education system needs work

November 14, 2006

yes bill gates gets a lot of shit. but i have always looked up to him. i mean who would you pick if you were to choose the richest man in the world? how would you expect him or her to act? i think bill gates has done a damn fine job of being the richest dude in history. i love to hear people dog on mr. gates… i agree his operating system sucks but i don’t blame him for that. hell, i could go on for a while but the reason i posted this is because i thought this was a great article. read it if you care about children.

bill gates on u.s. education

his face is priceless in the article pic as well

well put, he has done more and gone farther in humanitarian efforts than anyone in history. why doesn’t angelina jolie give most of her money to charity? dirty skunt.

breeder // November 17th, 2006 // 5:41 pm


The process of creating new, democratic organs of government power is beginning, and, as never before, the greatest responsibility rests with the broadcast media…

Joseph // January 22nd, 2007 // 5:12 pm

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