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all U.S. presidents are blood related

May 4, 2013

a 12 year old girl discovered that all U.S. presidents (except one) are related to one british king. i love that she wants to talk about it with obama about it. um, i have a hunch this isn’t something he wants to draw attention to. you don’t have to be a number cruncher to figure out that the odds of this are beyond comprehension.

the only way something like this works out is by design. so the next election if you can trace the bloodline you can predict the winner. meaning if you don’t have the bloodline you might as well give up on the dream of being the next person to rape our nation of it’s civil liberties.

the worst part of the video is the new anchor sounding like a typical automaton.

i love smart kids. they haven’t been tainted by the idea that things aren’t possible. go girl go! you can see more on the project at

Related Presidents

I call bollocks.

British king // May 6th, 2013 // 11:42 pm

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