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February 19, 2008

My Ring

i picked out my wedding ring last night. what a trip. tracy definitely had her input – she was pretty much up for anything other than gold. the ring pictured above is exactly what i picked out. i was going to go for the 7mm but it would have made me look waaay too badass. and that is something i am trying to avoid full time right now.

i kept asking the lady helping us dumb questions like: will it chip if i do direct knuckle push-ups on asphalt?
and who could forget: if i chip it on some dudes face in a bar fight, is that covered under warranty?

i managed to squeeze a couple of tight lipped grins out of her but that was about it.

i figure i can start out shiny and if i want to get it brushed down later i can. i took a picture of it on my hand but i decided not to post it for the picture looked like it was of an 8 year old girls hand. and though that may be the case – i still have my pride.

may 16th it goes on the finger full time. holy helsinki!

Big stuff, Buddy! Nice choice for sure. After time it kinda looks brushed anyways. Gold is soft and crap dings it up. I say that a lot of dings/scratches= a lot of years which is awesome… I guess that it could also mean a lot of bar fights………

Anne // February 20th, 2008 // 7:19 pm

Yo cuz,
nice choice. congrats.
yes, i read your site.
mucho love.
all the best,

OG // February 22nd, 2008 // 6:30 pm

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