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mason money

September 3, 2015

Mason Money

jenny and i went to this candy store in downtown portland this last week and at the counter i saw a stack of these bills. so i asked, what’s the story with these? and the lady replied, god, i hate those things. i’m tired of explaining to children what a freemason is.

i then asked her if they have sold any of them and how much they were and she replied, they are $0.59 and we haven’t sold a single one.

jenny and i offered to buy the stack at a discount. there were like 40 of them and we got them all for $12 and needless to say the gal was pumped. she said, it would have taken years for us to go through those things and i have no idea where they came from.

i looked them up and apparently they are nothing more than a novelty that appeals to practicing freemasons based on the comments at amazon. either way, they are strange and i wonder who the hell actually took time to make them. also, why were they at a candy store being promoted to children?

Mason Money Amazon

i’ll try paying with one and let you know how it goes.

on the verge of a new age

September 1, 2015


a time that used to only be set aside for a sci-fi movie is here. our curiosity and insatiable desire to create has proven that despite the outcome we cannot stop ourselves from wanting to birth consciousness. yet we so often forget how dumb we are and that human error, while a beautiful thing in itself, could be the exploit that turns us into caged pets for robot overlords.

i watched this video above which was unsettling to say the least but then figured i’d really drive the concept home and watch ex-machina. if you haven’t seen it then check it out because holy fuck.

earlier this year i read this article on wait but why that sent me into a existential funk for weeks. the very long and very well written article in a nutshell states that in our lifetime science and technology will arrive at the singular in which artificial intelligence is not only as smart as a human but will exceed our ability to process thought exponentially. and that this mixed with nano technology will create a new age of super computing and our understanding and control of biology.

AI Now

and the spoiler is that within our lifetime we will experience either human extinction or immortality. um wut?!?

the unsettling part of it all is that all those that have the power to create this level of technology are in disagreement with not only how it is being handled but what the actual outcome will be. elon musk for example says STAHP.

AI Now

my advice: if you want to melt your brain and sink into the depths of very real possibility then i would read the wait but why article then immediately watch ex-machina. you will either be freaked out or feel very special that you get to live during this time.

this is inevitable.

the strange face illusion

August 25, 2015


ready to trip balls? this article has been making the rounds online. i personally don’t find it that profound because staring into someone’s eyes for longer than 15 seconds is a tough thing to do. 10 minutes would be a mind melter. i say would because i have yet to try this out.


here is a snippet from the article:

Forget LSD: eyes are the new high. Of course, we’re not talking about consuming them, but rather staring intensely into a pair for a prolonged period of time. Apparently, this can make people enter into an altered state of consciousness.

This intriguing discovery was made by vision researcher Giovanni Caputo from the University of Urbino in Italy, but it isn’t his first staring contest study. A few years ago, the scientist recruited 50 volunteers and got them to gaze upon their reflections in a mirror for 10 minutes in a dimly lit room. For many of them, it took less than one minute to start experiencing something trippy.

Their faces began to warp and change, taking on the appearance of animals, monsters or even deceased family members; a phenomenon imaginatively named the “strange-face illusion.” But it seems the bizarre effects are even more dramatic when the mirror is swapped for another person.

you don’t have someone who is willing to get weird but you still want to trip your guts out? well, there is a solution for this too. a solution that i also have never tried. it’s called the ganzfeld procedure and apparently it works every time.

Ping Pong

here’s how this kray shit works:

In a typical ganzfeld experiment, a “receiver” is placed in a room relaxing in a comfortable chair with halved ping-pong balls over the eyes, having a red light shone on them. The receiver also wears a set of headphones through which white or pink noise (static) is played. The receiver is in this state of mild sensory deprivation for half an hour. During this time, a “sender” observes a randomly chosen target and tries to mentally send this information to the receiver. The receiver speaks out loud during the thirty minutes, describing what he or she can see. This is recorded by the experimenter (who is blind to the target) either by recording onto tape or by taking notes, and is used to help the receiver during the judging procedure.

so hell, give it a try. see what happens. i’ll do the same.

the berenstein bears glitch

August 19, 2015


so this one is inside my head. and it is sorta rare that i am this effected by something. i have had a hard time shaking it from my mind – despite the fact my friends have damn near crucified me for even considering this a possibility. *i’m talking about you julian fogle*

growing up, like most people my age in america, i read the berenstein bears books. and i have no doubts that they were the bare-en-steen bears and it was spelled with an ie. but apparently i, along with everyone else i have asked, are wrong and it is in fact bare-en-stain bears with an ai. both spelled and said differently then i vividly remember as a child.

so who gives a shit? you ask? well, a lot of people actually since i have yet to ask someone who has read the books who has said it was the berenstain bears. and this goes well beyond my immediate circle…

the reason this has effected so many people is because it is like finding out that big bird is actually blue and always has been. i’m sure i can hear my friends saying no you jerk, that’s different. everyone was young. stein is a common ender for a word and stain is not, etc. etc. etc. – so then why are the numbers staggering of people who are effected by this? i had one chick tell me that she was so confident that it was stein that she bet me $100. i didn’t take her money since it was worth watching her face go white when she found out.


so in lieu of having an answer, people like me come up with theories that are kind of hard to fathom. but dear god are they fun. so far the front runner is that there was a split in 2012 where a parallel universe was created and this (amongst other things we have yet to notice) is one of the things that changed. it is theorized that the books were changed due to a time traveler that effected events in time. you know, like the time paradox from back to the future?

if you know anything about quantum physics (which i know very little) then you know this is a possibility. and sure enough, people are digging deep since they can’t simply let it go by saying welp, everyone was wrong… now shut up so i can get back to my netflix and sports stars… – lazy minds.

this all got attention when it was posted on a subreddit called glitch in the matrix and it took off from there.

there are plenty of other theories as well – all you have to do is turn to the internet for answers. since the internet is such a forgiving place.

again, i am sure most people will scoff at this and chalk it up to a waste of time. however, like i told my good friend dunk, you can’t simply sweep every cube under the rug…

glenn beck hates portland

August 13, 2015

i love this so much. my favorite part is that as he is reading it there are religious symbols appearing on the hands of people in the background while it looks like a dehumidifier is pushing some spiritual eucalyptus into the room. amazing.

i’m sure if good old jesus christ was sitting next to glenn he would be be all yeah becky, git em good!

i find it strange that fox news slams people who are progressive or that appear to be truthers since both of those things seem like positive qualities right? like if you had a child wouldn’t you want them to be progressive and to seek truth? bizarre really. eventually portland will get slammed for being smart and healthy.

just because people don’t register on a census that they attend my lady peace doesn’t mean a damn thing. the association of a city having a meltdown due to such a fringe survey data point is nonsensical. also, what meltdown? portland is thriving last i checked?

but what do i know, i’m just a dude who puts one foot in front of the other seeking truth. you know, beck’s opinion of the plague.

here is the article for your guilty pleasure. it was probably the first time where everyone on the comments agreed and were positive. case and point.