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amazing texas ufo cube sighting

July 2, 2015

YAS!!!!!!!! this is one for the books, folks!

multiple people snagged multiple angles with some decent resolution. so there is no way you can say that this is some rare cloud or weather anomaly. i mean i have no clue what it is but we can officially put this in the 100% valid ufo bucket. i haven’t been this excited of a sighting since the norwegian spiral – which still to this day is one of the strangest phenomenons ever. though this isn’t the first cube sighting in the sky – there have been others.

this was featured on in5d and it took place just a couple of days ago – here is the summary:

Walter C. Lance of El Paso, Texas was the first person to submit the photographs to secureteam10. Lance stated he took the photographs on June 29th, 2015 around 1PM central time during his lunch break.

According to secureteam10, Lance stated that it began to get very windy outside when a portion of the clouds began to “swirl and circle in on one another forming this portal shape”. The area within this circular vortex turned “jet black” which is when Lance took out his cellphone to take the following pictures.

Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO
Texas UFO

one thing is for sure – there is nothing organic about it.

A second eye witness also saw this cube shaped UFO about a mile away from the first eye witness as she was returning back to work from her lunch break. She noticed a “square shaped figure moving through the clouds and thought it was a balloon but after watching it, she realized the enormity of its size with designs around it and a “faint, magnetic oscillation-type humming” that seemed to emulate from the craft.

here is her testimony of the event:

the in5d article feels that this ties in with saturn/Cronus – not sure what i think other than that it is rad. odds are it’s the government doing some wack shit. but who knows. the cube does fit the saturn shape theory since it is a very esoteric symbol that is basically the core of all occult symbols…

Cube Saturn

in the freemasonic traditions, the cube is a center piece – in fact it is described in the book, morals and dogma:

Morals and Dogma

and for those that didn’t know, the top of saturn would be a nice home for a big ass cube:

i don’t usually ask people to share stuff but this one is worth sharing.

weed in now legal in oregon

July 1, 2015

Weed in Oregon

yup, it’s official. you can now grow a plant and huff it in oregon. i could go off on all the reasons why this should have taken place like forever ago or why it should have never been illegal in the first place but i will save it. the thing i am most thrilled about is that this substance is on the fast track to being decriminalized. it still baffles me that it has been notoriously categorized with substances like meth and cocaine. like what?

for those that don’t know, my wife jenny is very active in the cannabis community and i couldn’t be more proud of her. for those that do know about this then they know that she is actually kind of a big deal and has a lot of strong relationships in a lot of places and knows more about the laws then most. fascinating really. you can learn more about her approach on her site at get metis.

Jenny Diggles Oregon

there is still a lot of red tape and that whole federally illegal bullshit but for those that are looking for a handy cheat sheet to get educated there is a great site called

Weed Oregon

so i guess this means i can start posting pictures of me ripping joints? why? cause it’s legal yo!

Mr. Diggles

fuck yeah oregon. fuck. yeah.

nasa cuts live video transmission

June 30, 2015

a real nailbiter here. i wonder what happened next? i mean it must have been something good or else they wouldn’t have cut the feed. for the record, this happened just a few days ago.

Three lights, apparently coming from spaceships, blast out of Earth’s atmosphere. A moment later — and before they can be spotted properly — Nasa shuts off the video, taken from the International Space Station.

A mysterious video from Nasa’s live feed of the InternationalSpace Station has got UFO-watchers excited about having spotted a secret launch into space. But it’s likely that the video just shows satellites on their journey around Earth, or something even less alien, like specks of dust on the camera.

i mean it really just looks like space junk or dust. hell, it’s probably a few americans in pods that couldn’t accept the news about gay marriage. but by them cutting that feed it only makes people like me say shit like:


love it.

savoir adore – “dreamers”

June 29, 2015

not sure why, but i love the heck outta this track. good music.

entering a another phase of abundance.

the end of ben

June 27, 2015

Crazy Pills
WARNING: this is a rant…

since the beginning of my life i have preferred to be called by my full name – benjamin. however since i have a tendency to be codependent i have always simply made it easier on others by allowing them to call me ben. why? because for some reason people would rather say ben then benjamin. and i know this well.

now while this may seem anal retentive, i have noticed a trend. when i introduce myself i always say my full name. hello, i’m benjamin diggles. and for whatever reason just about everyone immediately asks do you prefer benjamin or ben?

the reason i think this is a weird thing to say is because i NEVER hear people ask that same question to others. like say if a dude named michael introduced himself, you wouldn’t hear someone say do you prefer michael or mike? i also think it is weird since i have given them no reason to think i would want to be called ben. i just said my name was benjamin? dafuq you think i prefer? like why would i waste time with some cumbersome formality?

but here is the real uppercut and quite honestly something i am working hard to let go of. i would say that 2 out of 5 people immediately shorten my name directly after hearing me introduce it. they literally repeat back to me it’s nice to meet you ben. – my wife knows that this is one of my few pet peeves. thus why i need to let go of it. but damn, i don’t get it. maybe it is their way of saying that we are now a couple of chums? or maybe they are just lazy af. my conclusion is that people would prefer to say ben over benjamin.

for the record, i don’t hold it against anyone who calls me ben because i have never corrected them or let them know that i actually want to be called benjamin. though i have decided that moving forward i will be assertive when people ask my preference rather than saying something like you can call me anything, just don’t call me late for supper…

see ya ben.